Band Plans

Band Plans

Band plans are nothing more than a listing of the various amateur radio bands along with the digital sections of those bands. Some will take exception that CW was included in many of the band lists. CW is considered by many to be the original digital mode. Beacons are also shown as they are an invaluable propagation tool. Most FM and all repeater frequencies were omitted intentionally.

HF Frequencies & Modes: HF list: 160M - 80M - 75M - 60M - 40M - 30M - 20M - 17M - 15M - 12M - 10M

VHF Frequencies & Modes: VHF list: 6M - 2M - 1.25M

UHF Frequencies & Modes: UHF list: 70cm - 33cm - 23cm - 13cm

SHF Frequencies & Modes: SHF list: 9cm - 5cm - 3cm


Be sure you follow all FCC power and sharing regulations while on the bands! Some frequencies like 432 have a 50 watt limit unless you get an FCC waiver.